LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新! – LINE comics, you can read more than 60 popular Japanese comics free.

LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新!

LINE comics, you can read more than 60 popular Japanese comics free.

LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新! screenshot 0LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新! screenshot 1LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新! screenshot 2LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新! screenshot 3LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新! screenshot 4LINE Manga -正版日本漫畫 每天免費更新! screenshot 5

LINE Manga is “LINE” the official electronic comics service.
In addition to free comic strip, you can also buy on LINE Manga and read popular new works.

[Feature] LINE Manga’s
◆ can read free comic strip!
You can read for free in more than 60 topics on LINE Manga serial works.
※ new work is expected to continue in the future.

◆ rich variety of test reading event!
In addition to the general reading test, will launch a week free trial period may be a topic of work – much of this activity Oh!

◆ share with friends, reading comics and more concessions!
You just share favorite comics on a dynamic message, or share information with friends through, you can buy comics with a more favorable price Oh!

◆ LINE can also get maps!
The purchase of selected series of comics, you can get limited LINE Manga map!

Bonus maps works (partial list only)
· Space Brothers
· Attack on Titan
· Detective Conan
※ expected in the future continue to add.

◆ as long as the same LINE account login, even if the replacement had purchased the phone can also download comics continue reading.

Comics purchased through a smart phone, you can also read on your tablet Oh.
※ Up to three devices simultaneously log in with a LINE account.

[Proposed use of the system]
 AndroidOS4.0 above
※ You must have an account in order to use LINE LINE Manga.

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