COMICS – Flohmarkt und Service – COMICS – The free flea and Service app for comic readers and collectors

COMICS - Flohmarkt und Service

COMICS – The free flea and Service app for comic readers and collectors

COMICS - Flohmarkt und Service screenshot 0COMICS - Flohmarkt und Service screenshot 1COMICS - Flohmarkt und Service screenshot 2

COMICS – The free flea and Service app for comic readers and collectors.

COMICS makes your life easier. COMICS puts an end to the search in many apps or the incitement of flea market to flea market. A single app, especially for books and services.

Whether you’re looking for new or used books, looking at flea market bargains, or friends for your favorite hobby: In COMICS – the flea market and service for comic readers and collectors, check all that comfortable in a single app. This leaves more time for you and your hobby!

Of course you can also offer your used books here. COMICS is virtual flea market, barter and trade exchange for comics and platform for services of any kind around your hobby. Just download from the Store, register with few details and to offer with a few clicks to search and find.

NO ANNOYING NEWSLETTER – you get only what you want and get no superfluous newsletter or sms’e.

PRIVACY – COMICS need any personal information and therefore can not pass it on to third parties. No phone number, no address, no bank data … nothing like this !!

FEATURES -. App internal chat, various color settings, pinboards, listing takes a break, comprehensive search criteria, div result sorting and much more ….

SEARCH BY AREA – COMICS searches based on your location or to your specifications for the best deals in your area, so you can get faster what you are looking for.

INTERNATIONAL – your offers can be adjusted in many countries. COMICS presents itself currently in German and English. Further languages ​​will follow.


COMICS is free and will remain free.

COMICS is tested and released from Android 4.4.x. The presentation might have a lower quality on devices running earlier Android operating systems.

Download apk file for android:


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