That Was Stupid – Watch and share funny videos and pictures or upload your own. #ThatWasStupid

That Was Stupid

Watch and share funny videos and pictures or upload your own. #ThatWasStupid

That Was Stupid screenshot 0That Was Stupid screenshot 1That Was Stupid screenshot 2That Was Stupid screenshot 3That Was Stupid screenshot 4That Was Stupid screenshot 5That Was Stupid screenshot 6That Was Stupid screenshot 7That Was Stupid screenshot 8That Was Stupid screenshot 9That Was Stupid screenshot 10That Was Stupid screenshot 11That Was Stupid screenshot 12That Was Stupid screenshot 13That Was Stupid screenshot 14

*** Learn from the mistakes made by other! ***
We have all done something stupid but now you get to watch others do it for FREE!
That Was Stupid consists of the most hilarious viral videos, images and funny animated gifts of people acting stupid! Watch and share these funny videos with your friends or easily upload your own.

Parents of young adults love us and some have even listed us as an educational app in their school. Why? Because we share an interest with parents making sure their son or daughter never ends up on our website, ThatWasStupid_com. In the event they are, we only hope it is not hereditary. It may be a sign that the DNA from Grandpa Ernie has now been handed down to the next generation in the family tree. We hope this is not the case. As the great John Wayne would say “Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid”.

Enjoy, and help educate others by using the hashtag #ThatWasStupid when posting on social media.

Team Stupid!

See more information and download apk file:


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