Arrogant Elephant – Kids Story – Elephant Children's story and activity book. Paint, Erase, Save, Record, Listen

Arrogant Elephant - Kids Story

Elephant Children’s story and activity book. Paint, Erase, Save, Record, Listen

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Arrogant Elephant – Kids Story

Once upon a time there lived an arrogant elephant in a jungle that was quite big and powerful. He was mischievous and destructive.
He was so bad tempered that where ever he went animals ran away from him to save their lives. He used to walk over them without noticing them.
Terrorized animals wanted to get rid of that elephant but they neither had the courage nor the power to fight with that elephant.
Then one clever jackal came out and said, “Friends! We cannot match the elephant’s power but he can be defeated by wisdom. I promise I will find a way to kill him.”
All the animals got surprised to hear this. They were wondering what the jackal was going to do. They were not confident whether the jackal could face the elephant or not.
Meanwhile the jackal made a plan and set out on his way towards the elephant. He knew what he was going to do.
The Jackal reached to the place where the elephant lived and said politely, “Sir! I have come here to represent all the animals of this jungle….”
He continued, “…we all have decided to have you as our king. Present king the lion is now getting old and is unable to fulfill his responsibilities…”
He continued, “…After lion you are the most suitable candidate for this post. You are powerful, intelligent and sincere. We have conducted a crown ceremony for you. So please come with me sir and accept this post.”
The elephant became happy to hear this proposal. He filled with arrogance and proud. He felt himself the most superior person in the jungle to be the king.
He got ready to come with the clever jackal without giving a thought to this fact that nobody liked him in the entire jungle.
The proud elephant started following the jackal. The jackal was leading the elephant’s way, “Please come this way sir.”
The jackal cleverly diverted his way towards muddy land. The overconfident elephant blindly followed the jackal.
Ultimately the elephant stepped into the mud. He tried a lot to come out of the mud but in vain. His legs were going deeper and deeper into the mud. He shouted a lot for help.
The jackal said, “You are an arrogant elephant. You put the other animals into trouble and sometimes they have to lose their lives because of you. This is the punishment of your deeds.”
Finally the elephant drowned completely into the mud and his terror got over forever. The jackal hurried happily to tell this news to all the animals. The moral of the story is “You will reap what you sow”

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