Ah Negão! – The official application Negão Ah!

Ah Negão!

The official application Negão Ah!

Ah Negão! screenshot 0Ah Negão! screenshot 1Ah Negão! screenshot 2

Felipe Loreto, nicknamed Joe since adolescence, is an (almost) wonderful black born in Porto Alegre and loves very churros. Degree in Information Systems, currently uses her diploma as coasters while put on the blog. Has given name to hundreds of dogs, cats and cockatiels acrobats Bangladesh. Like beer, pastel, New Clothes and the upper lip of Lana del Rey.

About blog:

Created in 2008, the figure for many years among the largest of its kind in Brazil. Known by the stage of memes, today stands no nonsense mood. Home to many characters as Gaudencio, Cow Jairus, Aicarlen girl, Renatinho of Beibleides, among others. The blog keeps an average of 220,000 daily visits, and a loyal and engaged audience.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/comics


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