Friendly Zombies – Join the Frombies (Friendly Zombies) adventures in two interactive comic books!

Friendly Zombies

Join the Frombies (Friendly Zombies) adventures in two interactive comic books!

Friendly Zombies screenshot 0Friendly Zombies screenshot 1Friendly Zombies screenshot 2Friendly Zombies screenshot 3Friendly Zombies screenshot 4Friendly Zombies screenshot 5Friendly Zombies screenshot 6Friendly Zombies screenshot 7Friendly Zombies screenshot 8Friendly Zombies screenshot 9Friendly Zombies screenshot 10Friendly Zombies screenshot 11Friendly Zombies screenshot 12Friendly Zombies screenshot 13Friendly Zombies screenshot 14

Welcome to Frombies or otherwise known as the Friendly Zombies – a series of heroic and entertaining interactive comic books about the power of courage and working with others to triumph over evil.


Our Story…
Long ago, the evil Meanatoad and his army raged war against the good people of planet Ssorc, using a gas turning the Ssorcians into friendly zombies and ultimately tearing Ssorc apart!

The key to the planet’s survival is a young friendly zombie girl named Zora. Along with her sidekick SB and new friends along the way, our hero must escape Meanatoad’s menacing Bullifrogs and bring her planet back to peace.


App Features:
• Contains TWO interactive books about the origin of the Frombies, the importance of Zora to her planet’s existence and how they try to escape the Bullifrogs.
• Move from panel to panel at your own pace
• Each panel includes moving objects and sound effects
• Tap and find all of the twitch animations
• Collect exclusive digital collectible cards featuring 32 Frombie characters.


Suggestions? Favorite character? We’d love to hear from you!
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