ieu – Messages, reflections, anonymous chat designed for every moment of your life.


Messages, reflections, anonymous chat designed for every moment of your life.

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Have you noticed that at times we most need of a friendly word we always finds himself alone? How many times we stopped by not knowing what to say to someone who also needed a kind word? All this without saying that we rarely find in this world of technology, support for our emotional life. And that’s why the IEU emerged.


In his spare time, in addition to what you normally, take the time to read a reflection that best fits with your reality, seeks to understand the message contained behind the words you read and put them into practice during the course of your day.


When you are alone or with a loved one, parents, children, relatives, friends, join all in one comforted place and make an exchange of reading the messages that the system selected for each of you and each one tries to say she could understand with the message and may also ask questions to each other. Seeks to ascertain whether the choices of alternatives were made due to a transient or persistent time of emotional life of that person. This is called interaction. A simple but enjoyable and effective way to meet, interact and have fun with the people closest to the people.


When you are alone, enters the waiting line of chat and is awaiting to try to talk, exchange idea with someone else. Leverages the chat is anonymous to vent or make new friends. That’s right, it enjoys the best way.


The testimony of wall is not limited to record only what you think of the app or just leave a testimonial. Take advantage of the testimony of wall to record the experiences you’ve had through the application, to make a declaration of love, leave a public service announcement, announce the event of your church, your neighborhood, your school, etc.
When you do not have to say or do not know what to say to those who are in need of a friendly word, read one of our application’s message, it will help.


You will have a corner where you have some tips that will serve to you agree, disagree, improve and even create your own tip. Anyway, take the most of our application. Have a good learning, have a good interaction and good fun and share with the people in your everyday life.

Affectionately –
Dr. Saavedra Iby Juhasz
Minister Denilson Camargo

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