PTT ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ – Myanmar Comic Reader Application presented by Myanma Heritage Publishing

PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္

Myanmar Comic Reader Application presented by Myanma Heritage Publishing

PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 0PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 1PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 2PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 3PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 4PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 5PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 6PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 7PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 8PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 9PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 10PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 11PTT  ပစ္တိုင္းေထာင္ screenshot 12

App download after

FaceBook Or create new accounts Tril Veriosn start.

To detect the level menu, if you look at the end will show Overdue. Billiken App shekels thousand a month with monthly pay system

Easiest one of many ways to pay the monthly pay phone menu MPT Baker.

How to use phone lines, wifi, Use a foreign carrier end.

Monthly thousand mouths to his phone in MPT phone, From anyone else’s phone to make payment.

Thus it will be able to pay, despite his exile.

If other means of payment CB Mobile Money, MPU, Myanpay either by Online Payment g & g Store billiken 3 top-up cards can be purchased with.

And when reading on the monthly need the Internet.

Menu to select a title in the books, Perfect small open book page or having to wait for complete download on the Internet and read offline.

Open your screen auto rotate Required. He read many illustrated with a horizontal former black and white comic vertically are more suitable.

So that the letters on the phone I would want to see a larger area can tap to read.

The first app is the first page that appears when opening စာအုပ်လေးများ latest books easily reveal info

Resolve facebook_com/myanmarcomic page you can ask for help from the message box.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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