Funny Videos – Millions of funny short video clips!

Funny Videos

Millions of funny short video clips!

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Funny Videos is the best and the biggest collection of fun and short videos that you can enjoy on your android phone. In this humor application you can have the funniest videos to share free viral videos for whatsapp.
Do you want to watch funny videos to laugh? Are you looking for hilarious videos from youtube?
Within this fun and short videos application you can enjoy the best videos compilation to laugh.

You will find all kind of free funny videos for Whatsapp to share: spicy humor videos, funny babies, pranks, jokes, laughs videos, karaoke, fails, birthday videos … all of them are funny videos to share.

Application is very simple. There are two buttons:
-Next (for next video)
-Share (for sharing mp4 file)

Brighten up your day, have fun, and have a laugh with our FREE application Funny Videos!
It features only hand selected and most popular video clips from YouTube and all Internet.
We have video from all those categories:

– Funny Wedding Dances
– Funny Commercials / Ads
– Funny News Bloopers
– Memes videos
– Funny Cartoons
– Spicy Humor. If you like spicy videos in this app you will find sexy models falling to the ground.
– Funny Cat Videos
– Funny Babies. You will enjoy the funniest babies and children laughing. Birthday funny moments. The best Adorable babies and funny kids.
– Funny animals. If you like the crazy animals videos (cats, dogs, goats, puppies, kitten, kitty, goat) you will enjoy our app!
– Vintage Videos. You will find here the best 2014, 2015 and 2016 fun and short Internet videos in 2016, 2015, 2014.
– Tones of laughs with singers failures and soccer fails. Enjoy the terror Humor of fear and frights, we also include jokes for Halloween and scary costumes!!!
– Funny Win Compilations
– Fails and clumsy girls. Even sexy bikini girls get topless! many other free hilarious videos and more spicy humor.

If these videos won’t make you laugh, we’ll give you a full refund!
Oh, wait, this app is fre app. Anyway, take our word, that it will create a smile on your face, and even a few LOL’s! 😀
You should laugh daily (hint: it’s better for you than you think)!

These videos are safe to watch even for your kids (there is no profanity or violence included).

Thank you for your support! And please remember – if you have any suggestions, we’d LOVE to hear them.
Send us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do.

Why are you still reading this? Time to download Funny Videos! and watch it now and share with friends!

See detail information:

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