Cyanide & Happiness – The hit webcomic Cyanide & Happiness ( is here for Android! Yay!

Cyanide & Happiness

The hit webcomic Cyanide & Happiness ( is here for Android! Yay!

Cyanide & Happiness screenshot 0Cyanide & Happiness screenshot 1Cyanide & Happiness screenshot 2Cyanide & Happiness screenshot 3Cyanide & Happiness screenshot 4Cyanide & Happiness screenshot 5

It’s an all-new Cyanide and Happiness app! With a hot updated interface and killer new features, this app is the way to get your daily C&H fix.

+ A brand new and way less janky interface
+ An all new comic viewer
+ Watch all the old and new shorts
+ Shake for a random comic.
+ Share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (yes, people still use this!), e-mail, and more

Thanks everyone for all of your continued support, comments and reviews!

What you have all been waiting for…new animated shorts!

Features include:

+ Comic Archive: Get access to all 1,800+ C&H comics in an easy-navigable archive. Get new comics the second they’re available, or somehow bend the rules of space and time and get them even earlier!

+ Shake for random!

+ Portrait/Landscape viewing.

+ Favorites: Save your favorite comics for quick viewing later. Impress your friends! Impress your enemies! Impress otherwise apathetic people! It’s really versatile!

+ Animated Shorts: Watch streaming C&H animated shorts from the comfort of anywhere. Yes, even there.

+ News: Read all about upcoming events, books, announcements, the works!

+ Seizure Mode: Shake, shake, shake…

Download apk file for android:

Zap Cantadas – sung application audio, share with your friendsApp Xavecador.

Zap Cantadas

sung application audio, share with your friendsApp Xavecador.

Zap Cantadas screenshot 0Zap Cantadas screenshot 1Zap Cantadas screenshot 2Zap Cantadas screenshot 3Zap Cantadas screenshot 4Zap Cantadas screenshot 5Zap Cantadas screenshot 6Zap Cantadas screenshot 7Zap Cantadas screenshot 8Zap Cantadas screenshot 9Zap Cantadas screenshot 10Zap Cantadas screenshot 11

– Application of sound sung.

New Application Zap Sung, inspired app in the ancient sung application in audio, has been redone from scratch using a new, more sophisticated engine, which allows the sharing of sung to your friends on WhatsApp,
Thanks to the audio sung application followers because following suggestions from users, we created this new application sung!


+ Sung / Xavecos.
+ More than 100 Sung Audio.
+ Two New Categories.
+ Share via WhatsApp
+ Sophisticated design
+ Sung in sounds

Note. We are not responsible for any kinds of constraints, the application is intended only to entertain the user.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: