Manga Memo – Stay up to date on the release dates of your favorite manga.

Manga Memo

Stay up to date on the release dates of your favorite manga.

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If you’re reading this you’re probably a fan of manga just like we are sharing this passion and know well the desire you feel in wanting to “taste” as soon as the series that follow.

Manga Memo is an application that was created with the aim to warn as simply and effectively as possible when it is available in comic books or newsstand your favorite manga.
Scroll the list of the various outputs organized by month, the brand of your interest, the whole series, a single output or just want to take some time to think?
The choice is yours, it is convenient and Manga Memo on the basis of the information received will notify you when the time availability of your favorite manga.

Yet another application that does the same thing? And here you’re wrong, we have worked hard to enable you to navigate all the possible exits as naturally as possible without binding yourself in the choice of a publishing house, that does this at full speed and also giving you the ability to work off-line.

sunny application notifications that true ?, boredom really only the beginning, you decide you firsthand the new features to be developed at votandole

To date, monitored and managed the following Italian publishing houses:

✔ Dynit;
✔ Flashbook;
✔ J-Pop (and former GP Manga);
✔ Magic Press (MX and 801);
✔ Panini Comics (Planet Manga Panini Disney);
✔ RW Editions (GOEN);
✔ Star Comics.

With the free version (lite) you already have access to everything that might come in useful, but by purchasing the full version you will have something extra:

• No banner advertising;
• No notification that invites you to buy the full version;
• Priority support (via email).

What else to say except good read.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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