Blagues MP3 – Jokes and hoaxes telephone extracted from the French quotidiene life.

Blagues MP3

Jokes and hoaxes telephone extracted from the French quotidiene life.

Blagues MP3 screenshot 0Blagues MP3 screenshot 1Blagues MP3 screenshot 2

French phone hoaxes and jokes.

With MP3 jokes, I guarantee you plien momments laughing.
you are looking for premium telephone jokes, here you will be satisfied.
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SelfieComics Pro – Selfie Comics Pro – selfie toon camera with comics features!

SelfieComics Pro

Selfie Comics Pro – selfie toon camera with comics features!

SelfieComics Pro screenshot 0SelfieComics Pro screenshot 1SelfieComics Pro screenshot 2SelfieComics Pro screenshot 3SelfieComics Pro screenshot 4

This is Awesome 🙂

– Can take a photo
– Can take a selfie
– Can Load a photo from your gallery
– Can do toon camera effects
– Can do night mode
– Can Share on: Twitter,Instagram and everywhere!
– Make a comics photo with text
– Kawaii design
– Can do Instagram new size
– New! On camera mode: If you hold on the camera button it will count 3 2 1 before take a picture

On this app u take a selfie, make it toon camera effects or night mode or just natural
You update your status on the bubble speech and share it.
You can also load a photo from your phone

You speak to the camera and say “cheese”
And it takes a photo by itself no need to touch the camera button!
This toon camera app has few effects:

☺ natural no effect mode

☺ cartoon effect

☺ night mode

☺ beauty mode

☺ comics mode

Pro Version features:
👑No Ads!
👑You can set a default comics text & snap faster!

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ANARCHY – ANARCHY, a free digital comic book title from Supernova Produções.


ANARCHY, a free digital comic book title from Supernova Produções.

ANARCHY screenshot 0ANARCHY screenshot 1ANARCHY screenshot 2ANARCHY screenshot 3ANARCHY screenshot 4ANARCHY screenshot 5ANARCHY screenshot 6ANARCHY screenshot 7ANARCHY screenshot 8ANARCHY screenshot 9ANARCHY screenshot 10

*** UPDATE: ANARCHY #2 IS OUT! Already available for free on the app. ***

Supernova Produções has a mission to create great stories and meaningful characteres, that entertain and help to think about the world we live in and the impact on our lives.

To start, SNP releases ANARCHY, that tells the story of a young brazilian girl that chooses to fight against waht´s wrong in her countrey, without knowing that she´s part of a bigger conspiracy.

With the Supernova app, you´ll get comic books updated monthly. You can already check the first two editions of ANARCHY for free. Yes, FOR FREE. Just download the app and go crazy. 🙂 New editions every month, and soon new titles will be coming!

Read it, have fund and share! 🙂



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ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version – 三部けいによる人気の漫画作品。『僕だけがいない街 』に関するクイズです。2016年1月よりテレビアニメが放送中。また、同年3月に実写映画が公開予定。


三部けいによる人気の漫画作品。『僕だけがいない街 』に関するクイズです。2016年1月よりテレビアニメが放送中。また、同年3月に実写映画が公開予定。

ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 0ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 1ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 2ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 3ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 4ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 5ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 6ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 7ファンクイズFor「僕だけがいない街」version screenshot 8




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東立電子書城 – 東立電子書城首創漫畫雜誌線上閱讀,雜誌內容原汁原味精采呈現!首波推出《新少年快報別冊》、《龍少年》、《星少女》等強檔漫畫雜誌,期間限定、免費閱讀!



東立電子書城 screenshot 0東立電子書城 screenshot 1東立電子書城 screenshot 2東立電子書城 screenshot 3東立電子書城 screenshot 4東立電子書城 screenshot 5東立電子書城 screenshot 6東立電子書城 screenshot 7東立電子書城 screenshot 8



○精采內容‧免費閱讀○ 超值APP免費下載,精采當期內容任你看

○同步連載‧即時更新○ 最新、最夯的台、日當紅漫畫,同步上線

○隨身閱讀‧操作簡便○ 支援各種行動裝置,手機、平板皆可使用

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ファンクイズforけいおんversion – ファンの為のクイズです。人気アニメ「けいおん」から出題しています。難しい問題も含まれており、出題数は100問あります。全問正解目指して頑張って下さい!



ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 0ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 1ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 2ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 3ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 4ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 5ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 6ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 7ファンクイズforけいおんversion screenshot 8




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كن مثل فلان كوميك – Be like so and soDo you want to work like Comic Be deployed on Elvis?

كن مثل فلان كوميك

Be like so and soDo you want to work like Comic Be deployed on Elvis?

كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 0كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 1كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 2كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 3كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 4كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 5كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 6كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 7كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 8كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 9كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 10كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 11كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 12كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 13كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 14كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 15كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 16كن مثل فلان كوميك screenshot 17

Be like so and so

Do you want to work like Comic Be deployed on Elvis?
Be like so and so the application gives you a chance to draw and work Comic choose which image and write on it and then save it and send it to your friends on any of the sites of communication.

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