Alan Ford – Read Alan Ford classics for free!

Alan Ford

Read Alan Ford classics for free!

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Alan Ford is undoubtedly one of the most popular comics that have ever occurred in the former Yugoslavia. Although it never achieved wide popularity in Yugoslavia was a huge success, mainly due to sharp language interpreter Nenad Brixy-I who gave a special charm to this comic. The old numbers, the so-called classic series, can not be compared to more recent releases of acting as a pale copy compared to the first numbers of which were published in Serbo-Croatian. Our mission is to make these very old numbers bring to you and to your phone as a mobile application for Android.


When you start the app will show you a list of currently available comics. When you select the strip you will open it in a new window. Page list by dragging your finger left or right (swipe) or by pressing the arrow to the right or left. Dragging your finger to open up “jump to page” dialog, and your finger down stops reading comics. If the long hold on the page, you see the title of a comic book that are reading.

If you have a small screen, you can enlarge the image by double-clicking on it, or using two fingers (as well as regular picture when you look at the gallery of your phone). When the image is enlarged sliding your finger will not open the next (or previous) page, but will allow you to move the image to view the rest of them.


Each strip is great 15-16 MB so it’s best to read with a wireless. Once read (prelistani) comics are cached on the phone so that you can later read over 3G at no additional cost (still need internet connection to withdraw the list of comics). If a reader is possible that applications take up too much space on the phone. In this case, use the “Clear data” option on your phone to delete all the comics.


* Automatic download comics without scrolling
* Delete the downloaded comics directly from the application


1) Sometimes application “tear down” immediately upon startup, but usually continue to work without problems.
2) slower / unstable connections (EDGE / HSDPA / 3G) scrolling comic books knows that hampers. Return to the previous page and then again in the next (swipe left and right). This only happens the first time a list of the strip (when cached pages).


Giving mark here and / or review and give us an incentive to quickly add new episodes!

See more information and download apk file:


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