The Comics Level – The Comics Level, the new way of enjoying digital comics

The Comics Level

The Comics Level, the new way of enjoying digital comics

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The Comics Level is a new platform that plays a key role in renewing our outlook on digital comic reading. The Comics Level offers the best interactive experience when it comes to reading comics on your mobile phone or tablet.

At The Comics Level you can find 100% new and previously unpublished content created by renowned authors such as Juan Diaz Canales, winner of the 2013 San Diego Comic Con’s Eisner prize and writer of the worldwide success graphical novel Blacksad, or Teresa Valero, veteran writer who has worked on animated shows like The Pink Panther Show, Corto Maltés or the animated movie Asterix and the Vikings.

The artists Nacho Güejes, Ernesto Chaparro and Javier Blázquez also have their share with three exclusive stories launched and many more to come in the future.

– Grandpa was a Rolling Stone: a comedy story in which two dysfunctional families that are forced to be living under the same roof must try to survive.
– Icarus Coupé is a high-flying action adventure where a bunch of renegade air pirates face a powerful unscrupulous corporation in control of the source of the eternal youth.
– The Boiler Room, a story full of mystery where we explore the secret hidden deep within Masaura, a city where it snows more than 300 days a year. Because there are some doors that should better remain closed…

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