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Malý bůh

Legendary comic magazine Abc

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Dear readers,
This app brings the classic Czech comic trilogy Adventures of the Little God, gods and Coming Kruanova adventure. Trilogy first appeared in the seventies in the pages of Abc and caused an uproar. Then came many times in various special editions comic and always excited about a new generation of readers.

In collaboration with the author of comics Vlastislav Toman bring it on mobile devices running Android as the first Czech comics with their own applications. For this, we used the electronic edition of the original, the raw drawings Kobíka Francis, still one of the most respected Czech comics cartoonists. You have the first opportunity to see comics as they arose in the seventies, and as far seen only by their creators – without retouching and printing errors caused, but also with editorial notes on the edge of the paper or registration marks.

We tried to maximize the reader’s convenience. Why the application allows you to view comics in several modes. Either you can simply flip through the pages and zoom in and out using two fingers, or double tap to get into a picture mode. In it comfortably browse comics box for box. One click on the thumbnail page displays other comic pages and text to each page of comics directly for an application written Vlastislav Toman.

We hope that the application will be as happy as we are, and that you’ll have a good time. The application is also an experiment with our paid content in Czech conditions. Due to the development costs and the purchase of rights to publish the comics are one issue price set at CZK 40, the price of the entire trilogy at 75 CZK. If we can get back to a reasonable portion of the cost, we will bring to the iPhone and Android other comics. So let’s have thumbs.

Little God: ISBN 978-80-260-1835-3
Adventures of a small God, ISBN 978-80-260-1836-0
The arrival of the Gods: ISBN 978-80-260-1837-7

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Texas Ranger – Comics from the Public Domain…Fantastic Stories for Ultimate Time Pass.

Texas Ranger

Comics from the Public Domain…Fantastic Stories for Ultimate Time Pass.

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Comics from the Public Domain…

Chapters of Texas Ranger…. Featuring Complete Story in this Classic Comic

1. Texas Ranger….
2. The Prince and the Pauper – (One Page Story)….
3. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – (One Page Story)….
4. Love Those Kiwanis – Part II

Feels like you have time traveled to the past.

38 Pages of Fantastic Stories for Ultimate Time Pass

Android Flip-book developed by
Universal Time Pass

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Timmi und der kleine Käfer LE – An audio book to go along, reading foxes u. U about bravery. Friendship (DEMO)

Timmi und der kleine Käfer LE

An audio book to go along, reading foxes u. U about bravery. Friendship (DEMO)

Timmi und der kleine Käfer LE screenshot 0Timmi und der kleine Käfer LE screenshot 1Timmi und der kleine Käfer LE screenshot 2

This app is a demonstration of the app “Timmi and the little beetle” and contains almost half of the book.

A little dear boy elephant all alone in the desert, a small beetle and a grooßer lion truly no good sense, how is this going to go?

Timmi and the little beetle is a lovely, original illustrated picture book story for pre- and reading foxes, which shows the children that it not only depends on how large a has grown, but that true friendship even the smallest can be quite large.

The book is color illustrations throughout. As an audio book, it combines ideally the image and spoken word. By using an authentic sound and music backdrop you will be even more drawn into the book.

Parents, grandparents, teachers … they are fond of this book certainly just as it has already done a lot of children. Because it is not just a book reader! It gets really exciting when not only read, but played correctly. This is where the fun for children just beginning right!

The app itself does not require any special rights and is completely ad-free.

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