CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 – Popular romance adventure "CLANNAD". Spin-off story collection written by the original writer comes to Android!

CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻

Popular romance adventure "CLANNAD". Spin-off story collection written by the original writer comes to Android!

CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 0CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 1CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 2CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 3CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 4CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 5CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 6CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 7CLANNAD 光見守る坂道で 上巻 screenshot 8

Since its emergence as a PC for romance adventure game, was extremely well received and home-use game machine, also a TV anime “CLANNAD”.
Spin-off story collection of 16 stories written by the original writer of four who wrote the scenario is “on a slope to watch CLANNAD light”, Characters of CLANNAD different in each story becomes a hero, I will dig into its charm.

The pay to book reader dedicated story of the excitement, have linked the beautiful music that was used and illustrations popular illustrator “each P” draw in “CLANNAD” this story this app is a “visual sound novel”.

[App contents]
“On a slope to watch CLANNAD light” out of the total 16 episodes, we have recorded eight episodes to be content prologue of “CLANNAD” this volume.
To continue reading the novel in book reader only, please enjoy along with the music and beautiful illustrations.

[Collecting episode]
“The courage Episode 1” (Nagisa Furukawa)
Nagisa you happen to repeat a year in sick. You will be able to attend school, but barely, and start trouble and not be able to make friends, as I think.

“Diary of the second HanashiKimiko” (Ibuki Kimiko)
Fuko to become a high school student from the spring begins to find it hard to understand a strange behavior in a real sister.

“Episode 3 boyfriend” (Fujibayashi)
The apricot skeptical about friendship between men and women. But two men who met by chance and turned to high school students have changed … somewhere.

“Moment throbbing Episode 4” (Fujibayashi Ryou)
In shy Compared to apricot sister of aggressive, sports Ryou of a weak sister. Enters the tournament section of the valley, but where they are mistaken for sister ….

“I am of those days Episode 5” (Sakagami Tomoyo)
Tomoyo that has come to move in from getting to the second year. Asked from Tomoya became the lover now, and start talking a tremendous saga until then.

“My older brother Episode 6” (Sunohara Mei)
Sister Mae was too good, the brother-Yohei of useless middle school students will be cheering hard today what even if done other than football … good at.

“Various smell Episode 7” (button)
Children button boar are with apricot always. Episode of encounter of apricot and buttons.

“Night special Episode 8” (Furukawa Akio)
Sanae and Akio, parents of the famous beach in town most of the happily-married couple. There are moments of encounter still also two … such.

[Supported OS]
Android2.1 or more

[Correspondence] terminal
Please check the list from the link below the corresponding terminal.
※ Please do not use the model of the corresponding non-terminal.
※ After the latest update, and we have tested.

Please contact us from the “send mail” and “developers”.

[Privacy Policy]
This application, we do not collect personal information. In addition, we do not send external information.

[Production and copyright]
Visual Arts, Inc.
(C) VisualArt’s / Key illustration for each P

Detail information and download apk file:


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