Fast Comic Reader – Read webcomics easily with this simple and powerful reader.

Fast Comic Reader

Read webcomics easily with this simple and powerful reader.

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This is a generic, powerful and very pleasant viewer for web comics. It is fully free and has no ads.

Read web comics seamlessly even in poor network conditions with this amazing app! It will remember which strips you’ve already read.

It downloads strips in advance so that even if you lose the connection because you’re commuting for example, your reading experience will not be affected.

This app will work for any web comic in the world by installing its dedicated plugin, requesting it here if it doesn’t exist or even develop it and publish it yourself so that others may use it aswell.

In order to find these plugins, simply search for “fcr comic” on the Play Store, or just follow the instructions on your phone once you’ve installed this app. If you can’t find the one you’d want, send me a message from this page, or to the twitter account FastComicReader.

If you want to implement your own plugins, check out the open-source ones on github:

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Ngā Atua Māori – Wānanga – Ngā Atua Māori: Book Four – Tāne and the Baskets of Knowledge

Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga

Ngā Atua Māori: Book Four – Tāne and the Baskets of Knowledge

Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 0Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 1Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 2Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 3Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 4Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 5Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 6Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 7Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 8Ngā Atua Māori - Wānanga screenshot 9

Ngā Atua Māori, Puka Tuawhā – Tāne me ngā Kete o Te Wānanga
The Māori Gods, Book Four – Tāne and the Baskets of Knowledge

Tāne me ngā Kete o Te Wānanga tells the story of Tāne’ and his journey to Tikitiki-o-Rangi to fetch the Three Baskets of Knowledge and the Two Sacred Stones, Rehutai and Hukatai.

Io, the Supreme Being summonses his two heavenly guardians Rehua and Ruatau to The Uppermost Heaven. He sends them down to Earth to find which of Ranginui and Papatūānuku’s sons could ascend to Te Toi-o-ngā Rangi and fetch the treasured baskets and stones. Having quizzed Tūmatauenga, Tūmatakāka, Whiro-te-Tipua and others Rehua and Ruatau assign the mission to the youngest of the siblings, Tāne. He is anointed and subjected to preparatory rituals required for the journey.

Continuing envy and a desire to beat Tāne to Tikitiki-o-Rangi drives Whiro-te-Tipua to race well ahead of his younger brother. Even though his suggestion to journey by way of The Edge of the Heavens was rejected, he takes that route anyway. Twice, Whiro tries to thwart Tāne’s ascent by attacking him with Te Tini-a-Poto, his militia of birds and insects.

Needless to say that, with the help of Tāwhirimātea and Para-Wera-Nui, Tāne prevailed over Whiro-te-Tipua and mankind emerged into this World of Enlightenment and Understanding.

Series Summary

Whether we believe in the existence of a higher being or creator or not, most of us are curious to know what underpins the cultural differences amongst us.

This is a series of graphic novellas designed to re-tell the traditional stories of New Zealand’s Māori people in an innovative and contemporary format.

We’ve created these at a time when the Māori culture and language are receiving a lot of attention in the public and private sectors of business and education. Our aim is to give people, meaningful insights into what underpins Māori values and principles.


* English and te reo Māori narration

* Touch-to-Hear™

* Touch-to-Spell™

* Read-to-me and read-it-myself options

* Background music that can be turned on and off

This language resource was produced with the support of Mā te Reo and Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori to promote the use of te reo Māori in Aotearoa | New Zealand.

Compatible with Android Tablets


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