Ngā Atua Māori: Pakanga – Ngā Atua Māori, Book Three –Te Pakanga i Te Paerangi

Ngā Atua Māori: Pakanga

Ngā Atua Māori, Book Three –Te Pakanga i Te Paerangi

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Ngā Atua Māori, Puka Tuatoru – Te Pakanga i Te Paerangi
The Māori Gods, Book Three – The Battle at Te Paerangi

Te Pakanga i Te Paerangi tells the story of the battle between Tūmatauenga and Whiro; sons of Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatūānuku (Earth Mother). This is an event that stemmed from long-held grudges between the two brothers and each of their factions.

Disagreement over the separation of their parents was just one of the incidents that in the end, gave rise to war and the brothers leaving to permanent and separate dwellings.

Here, we are introduced to brothers not mentioned in previous stories but whose actions and contributions led to the fall of Whiro. We learn how he fled to The Underworld. It is from there and to this day, that Whiro-te-Tipua continues to wage war on Tāne and us, his human descendants in the form of diseases and pestilence.

Series Summary

Whether we believe in the existence of a higher being or creator or not, most of us are curious to know what underpins the cultural differences amongst us.

This is a series of graphic novellas designed to re-tell the traditional stories of New Zealand’s Māori people in an innovative and contemporary format.

We’ve created these at a time when the Māori culture and language are receiving a lot of attention in the public and private sectors of business and education. Our aim is to give people, meaningful insights into what underpins Māori values and principles.

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Comics Rock – Comics Rock Convention April 23-26, 2015 Los Angeles, California

Comics Rock

Comics Rock Convention April 23-26, 2015 Los Angeles, California

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Founder of FICA and veteran female comedian Hope Flood is one of the top females in the industry. Her commitment and dedication to FICA, as well as her numerous ventures, help to keep female comedians ahead of the entertainment business.

FICA is a group designed for comedians to learn how to break into or to stay in the business as they refine their craft. Its sole purpose is to network, mentor, and collaborate as well as bringing awareness to the talents of females in comedy. This group has spread world-wide and gained the attention of many female comedians all over the country new and established.

“FICA will allow female stand-up comedians to accomplish their own independence whether it’s through stand-up comedy, acting, producing, promoting, directing, or thru social media,” says Hope. “If I can assist in helping another female make it through this tough business and to possibly shave off 10 years of their career, with information and knowledge that I’ve gained by surviving and navigating through this business for over 25 years, then FICA has accomplished its goals. I feel strongly that we are capable of making our own mark in this business as well as creating a place in history for females in comedy.”

In 2014 Flood decided to add male comedians to the convention therefore changing the name to the “COMICS ROCK CONVENTION” allowing ALL comedians the opportunity to be successful.

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