FaceLook: Comic Face Changer – FaceLook: converts faces in comic way, Share & Facing & Looking

FaceLook: Comic Face Changer

FaceLook: converts faces in comic way, Share & Facing & Looking

FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 0FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 1FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 2FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 3FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 4FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 5FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 6FaceLook: Comic Face Changer screenshot 7

FaceLook (Comic Face Changer) is a new and original application with you to spend fun moments with your friends and family.

New Look incredible using mathematical algorithms detect the faces of your friends automatically and add selected objects in Face eyes making a incredible camera effects, this app adjusts the position and size giving the impression of real magic.

Magic Joke Prank
You can also use it as a joke, a prank, first prepared ‘ll add items , press the button on the camera and ask a friend to take the picture , the result will impact you , as you have done?.

Show your Skill
Your skill is important because it is necessary that the photo is not close your eyes, do not turn your head and do not stray too far from the camera.

Move it , share it , send it.
Change the template and you will get funny effects on the faces and eyes of your friends with your camera.

How many friends are able to change at once with FaceLook? Share and send social networks.

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com


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