The Missing Link – "The Missing Link" is the 3rd episode of the Graphic Novel "The Zurvan Club".

The Missing Link

"The Missing Link" is the 3rd episode of the Graphic Novel "The Zurvan Club".

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“The Missing Link” is the third episode of “The Zurvan Club”, the new concept of Graphic Novel continues the story of the second episode “The Hidden Power”. As they are fully connected, if you haven’t read the first and second episodes, we encourage you to please do so before reading this one.

The Wopod Corporation desperately needs the data collected by the Aurora II on its voyage to Saint Brendan Island, and they will take all necessary measures to obtain it no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, the unexpected link between the Sumerian carvings, the Nephilim plates and the Thule and Vril esoteric societies will lead our friends on a quest for a hidden place in the Antarctic, where the Nazis developed an incredible technology using the lost knowledge of the Nephilim.


• Autorun, no external reader required.
• Complete episode with 445 full color pages.
• Optimized design for easy reading without zooms or scrolls.
• Page flip and easy navigation.
• Auto installation in SD card if available.




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Manga Control – Application control manga series, with integrated shopping list

Manga Control

Application control manga series, with integrated shopping list

Manga Control screenshot 0Manga Control screenshot 1

Manga Control: Manga series with integrated Shopping List

Have you ever gone to the store and you did not remember what was the last volume you bought that manga? Have you ever bought a tome you already had?
Manga Control is an application designed for those situations. Designed to maintain control of your collection, to define series you’re following, your editorial and genres, publication status of a number and the status of your collection of that particular series.

The application, designed in a minimalist way, also includes a list of simple, purchase generated from the series by the user and their publication and collection states defined. The list contains the volumes that the user has not yet marked as purchased, and allows rapid control of what you want to buy.

Ideal for visits to your store or salon favorite manga!

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How to Draw a Manga – You are a Manga Lover.

How to Draw a Manga

You are a Manga Lover.

How to Draw a Manga screenshot 0How to Draw a Manga screenshot 1How to Draw a Manga screenshot 2How to Draw a Manga screenshot 3

You check each Thursday related sites and forums about new episodes of Manga from various Manga’s industries like bleach, naruto, one piece, claymore and many others. I also know that you want to learn how to draw Manga and you know that it is not an easy task. What if I told you a way to draw your favorite manga character just in steps? Or, what if I told you that you will be able to draw your personal character created by your own imagination?

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