Frases Ditas Antes Morrer – Said phrases Before Dying

Frases Ditas Antes Morrer

Said phrases Before Dying

Frases Ditas Antes Morrer screenshot 0Frases Ditas Antes Morrer screenshot 1Frases Ditas Antes Morrer screenshot 2

You are bored and want a good laugh?

How about downloading this application on the most spoken phrases before you die?

There are several jokes at your disposal !!!!

He was curious ???

So find all the hundreds of phrases hilarious downloading this application.

You read the joke and would like to share with your friends ???

Just click “Share” and choose the best way to share.

You can share the joke via e-mail, twitter or facebook from your Android device has support for these applications.

If you have no sense of humor and do not enjoy jokes of this nature, or download this application.

Now … if you’re into the genre jokes and have enough sense of humor ….

Then download this application because it was made especially for you !!!! : D

Please do not forget assess and note the Android Market. 🙂

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Download apk file:

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