COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English – COMICLOUD, the world's first monthly manga e-magazine is now on sale!

COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English

COMICLOUD, the world’s first monthly manga e-magazine is now on sale!

COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English screenshot 0COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English screenshot 1COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English screenshot 2COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English screenshot 3COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English screenshot 4COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.12 English screenshot 5

This is the world first Manga Magazine exclusive for E-publishing. All the mangas in this book are provided only for COMICLOUD. Grab the real state-of-the-art comics coming from JAPAN!

[New Episodes of Hit Manga Series!]

Read more from Takeshi Okamoto’s QUADRIFOGLIO 2, the world’s only dedicated Alfa Romeo manga, along with DEMENTIA 21, a uniquely surreal and nonsensical work released by the genius Shintaro Kago! There’s also X-HUNTER RAY, the near-future sci-fi story by Ryu-Zin; Taro Matsumoto’s NOBUNA-GIRL, which enters a new chapter; as well as IT’S BANG IPPONGI’S DIARY OF A MANGA ARTIST, in which Bang weaves her tale about the daily life of a manga artist.

[THE SEED OF LOVE by Haruki Fujimoto, first Boys’ Love Manga on COMICLOUD]

Gus and Kei are a gay couple who find themselves looking after Gus’ niece Maho in their home. Neither of them is very good at interacting with women. Can they handle this unusual situation? This work is COMICLOUD’s first “Boys’ Love” (BL, perhaps better known to our English-speaking readers as “yaoi”) manga. Coming from our esteemed Ms. Fujimoto, it’s sure to be a warm and fuzzy, heart-warming story for any of our readers.

This application is made by Androbook.

See detail information and download apk file:

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