Short Stories – Humor & Witty! – A FUN & INSPIRATIONAL READ FOR ALL AGES! Become Witty, Clever, Wise, Humorous!

Short Stories - Humor & Witty!

A FUN & INSPIRATIONAL READ FOR ALL AGES! Become Witty, Clever, Wise, Humorous!

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Humor Stories MAX – A FUN & INSPIRATIONAL READ FOR ALL AGES! Comes with a Series of Short Stories that are according to some of the education experts:

1. A must READ stories for KIDS of all ages!
2. It may help Kids of all ages in their development stages
3. It touches all aspects like Cleverness, Wittyness, Wiseness, Strategy and even Philosophy!
4. Parents can even use these Witty Stories as a guide and read them out for their kids and explain them with some real life situations making it even more practical for kids to understand..

These Stories are not only fun but they are designed as such that each story has a situation and shows how using one’s wit, cleverness and wiseness one can emerge to be a winner!

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