Animanga Watch – Watch Anime & Read Manga in your Android !

Animanga Watch

Watch Anime & Read Manga in your Android !

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Watch Anime, Recieve the Latest & Greatest Animenews and read Manga in your Android! This App will tell you everything you need to know from all around the world’s Anime Community! Read the latest News, reviews and articles from over 15 of the biggest Anime & Manga news sources.

Features Anime News including but absolutely not limited to:

*One Piece
*Neon Genesis Evangelion

All you will ever need to stay up-to-date 24/7 on the World of Anime. Completely Ad-Free!

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BetoComics – BetoComics!



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In this app you can find Beto’s comic strips. Beto is a systems analyst that works at the I.T. department of a chaotic company. Although he doesn’t fit very well into the society, he can communicate with the machines like no one else and tries to survive in a world increasingly made up of zeros and ones.
Beto will have a comic strip every day, except in case he is hibernating (it happens very often).

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